Blac Xpression Book Club
Club Background


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History of Our Club

Blac Xpression Book Club consists of a group of men and women dedicated to the support of our African American authors. All of our members are of various ages and experiences. Every month our members volunteer to host our book club discussions in their homes in varied locations around the Houston area.

Our Goals

Our Book Club started with seven members. Currently we have grown to as many as nineteen members. We have chosen not to exceed twenty members because we would like to maintain the close knit family environment we have established.
One of our most important factors in the success of Blac Xpression Book Club has been our group's dedication. We enjoy being with people who enjoy doing the same things, and that is READING. We respect the theory that there is no right or wrong in the art of literary interpretation. We have fun engaging in the process of shared exploration.

Our Club Officers

Coordinator - Gail Sims
Treasurer- Tonya Jones
Activities Coordinators- Natashia Rhea and Carmen Keeler
Asst Activities Coordinator- Portia Carrington
Prospective Member Contact- Dionne Maxie
Web Masters- Carmen Keeler and Natashia Rhea
Coordinator for our Sister Book Club in Atlanta, GA - Sandra Moore